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It all began in 1999 when Johnny Carter Jr.

It all began in 1999 in Lakeland, Florida in a concession trailer selling ribs and chicken to anybody that wanted some good smoked, tender, tasty barbeque smothered in a mustard base barbeque sauce. Carter’s Barbeque is a family owned restaurant in Mulberry, Florida. It wasCarter’spaternalgrandmother,who first found commercialsuccesswith a saucethat had been handed down throughgenerations of her relatives.. It was customer demandthat prompted Carter’s to make our great food and our signature barbecue sauces available for everyone wanting a great BBQ experience. Our signature BBQ sauce has also won several national awards ,including first place in the 2015 Scovie awards; second place in the 2015 Texas Man Up competition, and fourth-placeprize in 2015 Kansas City Barbecue Societycompetition. Now you can enjoy our award winning BBQ with the GREAT teats of southern BBQ…Thanks

                                                 “Carter’s BBQ”

                                                       “Just Plain Good”

Our Mission

The problem most soul food restaurants face, Johnny Carter Jr. says, is that they try to serve a huge variety of food all the time. By offering a menu of every exotic dish – from oxtails to neckbones – they often waste money by having to throw out what customers don’t order.

Carter knows about supply chains. For more than 25 years, he worked as a logistics manager for FedEx, UPS and Office Depot.

So when he started Carter’s Bar-B-Que take-out nine years ago in a trailer on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, he stuck to two things: ribs and chicken. Once the business became a success, he moved into a red, concrete-block house along State Road 60 in Mulberry and turned the carport into a drive-through.

The menu has grown since those early days to include soul food staples such as fried okra, oxtail, lima beans, collard greens and sweet potato pie. But he stays close to the rib foundation. If you want them, he serves rib tips, a rib slab, a thin-end rib, large ribs, small ribs, and ribs and chicken.

The key, he says, is freshness and consistency.

“My customers know that if they want oxtail, you don’t come on Tuesday because we don’t get a delivery then,” Carter says. “You come on Thursday when it’s fresh. We only serve it fresh.”

His signature yellow barbecue sauce, a family recipe from his days growing up in Albany, Ga., also lures hungry diners. It’s so popular that he sells it in bottles.

“We’ve shipped it everywhere,” he says. “We have people from Japan who call and ask us to send them some.”

Try one of our award winning sauce’s!

For many years Carter’s BBQ has been known for it’s famous mustard base
Bar-B-Que sauce. This sauce is a favorite of many, plus celebrities as well as
many local communities. When new people ask: ‘how does it taste’ ??…
the response is always… “Just Plain Good”!!

Good old fashioned ribs

Good old fashioned ribs,pulled pork,beef,chicken and smoked turkey served family style.

Our sauces

Try our sauce today in Mustard or Brown BBQ styles in ‘Hot’ or ‘Mild’ flavors.

Homemade side dishes

plus, carter’s delicious homemade side dishes that are all made from scratch

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